Mis participa en una serie de investigaciones y estudios científicos con el fin de asegurar la calidad de nuestros productos y el desarrollo de nuevos.
Posteriormente se realizan las siguientes publicaciones:

18  The effect of alterations on resorbable blasting media processed implant surfaces on early bone healing: A study in rabbits”

20  Retrospective multicenter evaluation of tapered implant with a sandblasted and acid-etched surface at 1 to 4 years of function”

21  Reference-based digital concept to restore partially edentulous patients following an immediate loading protocol: A pilot study”

23  Adjusting dento-alveolar morphology with orthodontic mini-implants  (miniscrews). A clinical case report”

24  Enhancing extraction socket therapy with a biphasic calcium sulfate”

25  A novel device for resonance frequency assessment of one-piece  implants”

26  Bacterial and inflammatory behavior of implants in the early healing  phase of chronic periodontitis”

27  Thermal changes and drill wear in bovine bone during implant site  preparation. a comparative in vitro study: twisted stainless steel and ceramic drills”

28  Histomorphometric analysis of maxillary sinus augmentation using an alloplast bone substitute”

29  Immediate and delayed restoration of dental implants in patients with a history of periodontitis: A prospective evaluation up to 5 years”

30  Immediate restoration of delayed placement of dental implants in patients with treated periodontal disease: 1-year results”

31  Primary stability following abutment. Preparation of One-piece dental implants

32  Cement selection for implant-supported crowns fabricated with different luting space settings

33  Prospective Multicenter Study of Immediate Occlusal Loading of Implants in Edentulous Mandibles”

34  Evaluation of Human Peri-Implant Soft Tissues
around Alumina-Blasted / Acid-Etched Standard and Platform-Switched Abutments”

35  Combined Osteotome-Induced Ridge Expansion and Guided Bone Regeneration Simultaneous with Implant Placement: A Biometric Study

36  Osteotome Sinus Augmentation with LessThan 5mm of Native Bone: A Membrane Visualization Technique Using a Tapered Platform-Switching Implant

37  Simplified Drilling Technique Does Not Decrease Dental Implant Osseointegration:A Preliminary Report

38 Bone Preservation in Dehiscence
Type Defects Using Composite Biphasic Calcium Sulfate Plus Biphasic Hydroxyapatite/ -Tricalcium Phosphate Graft: A Histomorphometric Case Series in Canine Mandible

39  The use of Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Combination with Biphasic Calcium Phosphate in the Treatment of Bone

40  Negotiating the severely resorbed extraction site: A clinical case report with histological sample

41 “Properties of Axially Loaded Implant-
Abutment Assemblies Using Digital
Holographic Interferometry Analysis”

42 Marginal Bone Loss Evaluation Around Immediate Non-Occlusal Microthreaded Implants Placed in Fresh Extraction Sockets in the Maxilla: A 3-Year Study”

43  Soft and Hard Tissue Changes around Tissue-Oriented Tulip-Design Implant Abutments: A 1-Year Randomized Prospective Clinical Trial”

44 Novel Hybrid Drilling Protocol: Evaluation for the Implant Healing – Thermal Changes, Crestal Bone Loss, and Bone-to-Implant Contact

45 Enhanced Bone Regeneration with a Novel Synthetic Bone Substitute in Combination with a New Natural Cross-linked Collagen Membrane: Radiographic and Histomorphometric Study”

46 Bundle Bone Preservation with Root-T-Belt: A Case Study”